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In winter of 2019/spring of 2020, Tyler Termini and I began a collaboration around a series of songs I’d written about the COWPOCALYPSE. Years later, it’s finally here (thanks to the generous help of Tyler, Dustin Marcum, Phoebe Wagoner, and Nathan Viner).

COWPOCALYPSE is monoculture of the mind. It is the touchy feely side of the (maybe already happening) apocalypse of industrial agriculture, environmental destruction, food apartheid, and floodwaters in Kentucky. It is the polluted water left behind after industrial massacre of the landscape. COWPOCALYPSE is a feeling—namely the feeling of being in north eastern Kentucky in 2019–before the big flood and before COVID, trying to imagine what it might feel like in the future (aka now). COWPOCALYPSE is not dejected, is not anti-agriculture, and is not anti-cow. It is rooted in the undeniable, intuitive feeling that we will hold each other up through what is here and what is coming. And we will do so singing.



I have been playing traditional Kentucky music and writing songs since childhood. In my musical practice, I attempt to deepen my understanding of ancestral musical traditions and breathe new life into traditional styles and methods. I currently teach beginning-early intermediate banjo lessons and beginner-early intermediate guitar lessons, perform in a duo project with Blakeley Burger (pictured), and play my original music as a solo act. For booking inquiries or lessons, visit my contact page. 

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